About Jenn

Hi friends, 

Glad that you have landed here, I am an accidental jewelry lady. Some might even say, Educator turned Entrepreneur?

With a background in Child Development working with underserved youth and teaching in public school – among a few other different roles – my cup was full.. I never debated that all the hours I spent were worthwhile. I knew they were.

But something changed when I became a mom. In the middle of chaos and the busyness of life, I felt like I was missing out on so many milestones that my daycare provider was able to witness instead of me.  

I wanted MORE! 

Fast forward to 2015, I found my life at a devastating crossroad. Listen folks, within one week, I received the following bad news: My mom (who is my person since I am an only child) was diagnosed with cancer, the school (which I adored) cut my position due to budget issues and – guess what? I’m PREGNANT with #2! Ya’ll, it was rough. 

Over the next several months, my knees hit the ground every night praying for so many things, that our heavenly Father would heal my mom, that my unborn child would be healthy and safe, that he would give me strength emotionally to continue caring for my husband and daughter and that the money would somehow keep coming in. 

One evening, I picked up the phone and called a sweet lady that I had met a few months back who had been sharing a new business opportunity ( it was jewelry). I never wore costume jewelry! However, the Lord continued to nudge me towards this, and when you are desperate you are just obedient. After hours of drilling questions to her, I was convinced it was what I needed to do. The start up cost was $99 and literally that was about all we had left from our savings. I took a deep breath…and clicked “ join.”

I am now 3 years in this Plunder business, one of the company’s top earners, serving on an advisory board for all stylists and trying to encourage my team to dream big every day. We aren’t perfect but this business allows you to work at the speed you desire. You may just need a creative outlet in the midst of your crazy mom life, or you just want to pay for gymnastics, or maybe you need a a full time-income, like I did!  

My life isn’t glamorous, we drive the same cars, we don’t buy fancy clothes, we try to love and serve others better than we have ever done before. What does look different, though, is not asking for time off for special programs, being able to volunteer and picking up my kids from school.

It’s freedom, friends. If you are in a place where that is your heart’s desire, I plead with you to be obedient to the Lord’s nudge in your life. 




Jennifer Murdock